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Dhyana Bohnet, Sebatopol, West County, Sonoma County Healing, Arts

Dhyana Bohnet, C.M.T., N.C., C.H.T.
San Francisco Bay Area, Wellness Coach and holistic health practitioner


Short Biography

Dhyana has been working in the field of the Healing Arts as a health and wellness therapist for over 30 years. Her skills and training are extensive, bringing a richness and depth of experience to her practice. Her seasoned foundation as an Integrative Bodywork therapist, Nutritionist and Energy Medicine practitioner enhances her ability to support your current needs with precision and insight.

In the last several years, she has embraced the nourishing, self empowering approach of Ayurveda, which aligns with her life long interest of eastern philosophy, spirituality and culture. Dhyana skillfully weaves the best practices of the east and the west, the practical and the sublime, to support your healing and transformation. Constantly cultivating knowledge and experience in this field, Dhyana is a true alchemist of the holistic healing arts.

Dhyana also plays flute and sings, creating enchanting healing music,  and has played in devotional and world fusion ensembles.

Phone consultations are available.

Dhyana is available for Integrative Bodywork, Ayurvedic treatments and consultation, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Core Sync, by appointment at The dhyana Center,  located at 186 N. Main St., Sebastopol, Ca. 95472  :  707-823-8818


Dhyana’s Full Biography

Dhyana has a long history of training and practical experience in the field of natural healing and body/mind/spirit integration, as a bodywork therapist and Wellness Advocate for over 30 years.

As well as maintaining a private practice, she has worked in many professional settings – including the healing retreat center Wilbur Hot Springs, located in No. California, and worked on staff in chiropractic and acupuncturist offices in Marin Co. Ca. during the 80’s-90’s. Dhyana maintained her private practice as an integrative therapist, while also providing quality caregiving for elders, including yoga instruction for elders, and instruction in creative visualization for pain relief, and stress reduction, and quality of life enhancement.

In 1997 Dhyana expanded her professional life experience to the arena of non-profit and socially responsible investing, working as Executive Assistant to the director of The Investors Circle, located in San Francisco, CA., from 1997- 1999.

She was also employed as a Wellness Consultant and Account Manger for Bay area company, Clarus Products International, specializing in EMF protection products with the bio-resonant device known as the Q-Link. Through Clarus, she educated 100’s in the foundations of energy medicine, stress reduction and health-revitalizing lifestyles, and was trained to operate the Bio-Meridian machine to demonstrate the efficacy of SRT (Sympathetic Resonance Technology).

She and her life partner co-founded Pure Vibrance in 2005, a Holistic Health Consulting Co., marketing and education of wellness tools and products, while formalizing her training in the area of Nutritional counseling through the Global College of Natural Medicine, Santa Cruz, CA.

Dhyana has taught somatic (mind/body) movement therapy with the innovative movement practice known as The Dance of Shiva, developed by Andrey Lappa.

Dhyana has direct experience with catastrophic illness and the field of complimentary oncology, including cancer prevention and recovery. She counsels and writes on this topic.

In 2010 Dhyana established a connection with her namesake, The dhyana Center of Health Sciences, located in Sebastopol, Ca.  She fulfilled her clinical training and continues to have a professional affiliation with the center, as a consultant and clinician/practitioner.

Dhyana is currently (2013) engaged in a Teacher’s Training program in Medical Qigong through the Qigong & Daoist Training Center, American Dragon Gate Lineage.

Currently available for sessions in Occidental, Ca. at Occidental Nutrition, by appointment.

Phone consultations are also available     707-861-0829

Founder, Director

Pure Vibrance Healing Arts

1980 – Present


dhyana Center of Health Sciences Ayurvedic Foundations, Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Aromatherapy, Pancha Karma bodywork  2010

Spiritual PhytoEssencing – Soul level healing with essential oils 2011 –

The Complete Course of Ayurveda with Jai Dev Singh and Floracopeia, The Radiant Body with Jai Dev Singh and Floracopeia 2012

The Complete Home Herbal Course with P.K. Singh

Core Syncronism (An advanced form of Cranial Osteopathy) Levels 1 & 2 & Core Lymphatic 2010 –

Global College of Natural Medicine – Santa Cruz, Ca. Nutritional Consultant certification 2006

Cranial Sacral Therapy Certified through the Pacific Somatic Institute, San Francisco. 1990

ColorPuncture Certification 1993

Alchemical Hypnotherapy Certification.  1995

New College of California (B.A. Holistic Studies) 1992