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3 A Saved Workflow File As mentioned before, saved workflow files can easily be distributed to other users, if desired. Once received by the other user, a workflow file may be imported into Automator on that user’s machine. We will discuss importing later in this chapter. Saving as an Application Chapter 5: Utilizing a Workflow When selecting Save As from the File menu in Automator’s File menu, you will notice that the File Format popup menu in the save dialog also contains another file format. 4. If desired, you may choose to save a workflow as an application.

5 B. Modifying the settings for these, or any actions, will affect how the workflow behaves when it is run. 5 Modifying Action Settings In some cases, an action may not require any settings to be configured at all. For example, the Update iPod action contains no configuration settings. 6. 6 Example of an Action With No Settings Allowing a User to Specify Settings Rather than forcing an action to use the same settings every time the workflow is run, you may wish to allow the user to adjust the action’s settings themselves.

Once you have made a selection, click the Save button in the dialog, and Automator will automatically save the workflow and install it in the appropriate location on your hard drive for the type of plug-in that you specified. 8 Plug-in Types Automator currently supports saving a number of different types of plug-ins, which we will now discuss. Finder Plug-ins A workflow that has been saved as a Finder plug-in will appear in the Finder’s contextual menu, allowing you to trigger it quickly from anywhere within the Finder.

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