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By James Lawford

This booklet examines the uniforms, apparatus, heritage and association of the thirtieth Punjabis, from 1857 to their provider in international struggle II. Uniforms are proven in complete illustrated detail.

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The Pathans also lodged an objection, as they thought heavy guns like 6-inch howitzers were out of place in a Frontier operation. After the battle of the Gomatti Tangi the largescale exercise continued, but the enemy declined to take any further part. Some three months of marching and road-building followed, then the Salient was handed over to the Frontier Constabulary. In May the 1st/16th trudged up the B a n n u Razmak road to a two-battalion perimeter camp called Damdil, some ten miles from Razani.

At nine o'clock a host of stretcherbearers arrived from Brigade Headquarters. It was a ten-mile carry over rough hill-tracks to roadhead; a badly wounded man had little hope. Then the mules came, were loaded up and were gone. The grey clouds hung around the mountain face and masked the Battalion as it quietly filtered away. m. Ben Nevis was clear. Not a shot had been fired. Except for 'A' Company remaining on Knoll to cover the withdrawal, the remainder of the Battalion marched back to the gun lines in the Sengmai Turel.

The latter reported he could not get on. The Japanese were entrenched on a crest overlooking the ridge which at this point was only about twenty yards wide with both sides falling away steeply into valleys some 500 feet below. They had heavy machine-guns covering the ridge approach and he thought they probably numbered a company. At this moment the Brigadier came up on the air; the 1st/16th were to attack the position and clear the Japanese out forthwith. A troop of a field battery, four guns, would give support; the gunners were limited to firing eighty shells, but, it was generously added, they were prepared to fire them any way that Colonel Newell wanted.

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