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By G.W. Gribble, Thomas L. Gilchrist

This quantity of development in Heterocyclic Chemistry(PHC) is the 13th annual evaluate of the literature, overlaying the paintings released on very important heterocyclic ring structures in the course of 2000. during this quantity there are really expert experiences. the 1st, through H. Ila, H. Junjappa and P.K. Mohanta, covers their paintings on annulation utilizing ∝-oxoketene dithioacetals, an artificial procedure that offers worthy routes to an impressively wide selection of fused heterocycles. the second one, by way of R. N. Warrener, is at the synthesis of fused 7-azanorbornanes. The 7-azanorbornane structural unit is integrated right into a sequence of chic polycyclic molecules with inflexible geometry.The next chapters, prepared by way of expanding heterocycle ring measurement, overview fresh advances within the box of heterocyclic chemistry with emphasis on synthesis and reactions.

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R. Rastogi, A. Kumar, H. Ila, H. Junjappa J. Chem. Soc,. Perkin Trans 1 1978, 549. Review on Indazolone: L. Baiocchi, G. Corsi, G. Palazzo, Synthesis 1978, 633. A. Kumar, H. Junjappa, J. Chem. (S) 1979, 268. The Junjappa-Ila (J1) Heteroaromatic Annulation 79JCR(M)3001 81AHC171 81JOC5031 81ZC69 82JOC3027 82S203 82S693 84CHEC(4)313 84CHEC(5)274 84CHEC(6) 114 84JCS(P1)921 84TL5095 85IJC466 85S163 86JA6808 87TL3023 88TH48 88TH58 88TH99 88TL501 88TL6633 89PHC(1)l 90C406 90JCS(P1)2909 90PAC1967 90T577 90T2561 90T3703 90T4295 90T5423 90TH141 91COS(5)1065 91S889 92TL6173 93IJC(B) 1173 93JCS(P1)l 119 B-93MI257 93S241 93S245 23 A.

This reaction was a rare example of a [6+4] cycloaddition involving a 1,3-dipole as the 4n reagent. N. Warrener 82AJC757>. This reaction is a curious example of an transient intermediate reacting with a transient product of its own making! E ~ 93b-95b ~ E NBn E xiso ~ XisNR 96b 97X=0 + =. Me Me,,~/ NBn 99E + X is C=CMe2~ M e 100 Me E ,.. - ~ ONO 115 110 (AM1) = 9 o~ (av)angle X-Ray CNC Figure 4 The N-benzyl XNY tridents formed two classes of invertomers. In those cases where X and Y were identical, the N-benzyl substituent was dynamic and oscillated between the two degenerate invertomers 102/102' in solution, a situation which was retained even when cooled to -100 ~ The angle c~ which represents the offset from trigonal nitrogen <98TL7877> became smaller as the steric size of X increased and the N-bridge geometry tended towards planar nitrogen (sp2 hybridisation) (see diagram, Figure 4).

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