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Thomas's suggestion (Kav. p. 51) that Kav. 507 could be another verse of Pararnesvara (No. , be discarded; the final 0 svara belonged to Yoge-svara and not to Parame-svara. 2. W. Thomas (Kav. p. 66) that Madhavasila (No. , Skm. and Prasanna. while Madhavasila is identical with Madhavasiva (No. 1124) and is quoted in JS. only98. 4. In A. Scharpe's Kaliddsa-Lexicon, 26 Kalidasa's incerta should be corrected and several other Kalidada's incerta from lesser known anthologies should be added; they are quoted in Nr.

1. Asvinikumarau (No. 66) are two Vedic deities, twin sons of the sun or the sky, known inter alia for their curative power and as physicians of svarga; Asvinikumarasamhita is, therefore, a medical work. Asvinau are those whom king Bhoja addressed when sick and they replied in verse which was attributed to both of them. 2. In the case of Rarnila-Somila (No. 1259), two authors Ramilafka) and Somila (or Saumila) were meant. They were quoted together, for they were supposed 79 In cases of multiple attributions it can be often assumed on the basis of the frequency of attributions to different authors, by whom the verse was really composed.

582) (out of 45 verses 41 were identified in the Nalacampu); Daudin (No. 590) (out of 28 verses 20 were identified in the Kavyadarsa and 2 in the Dasakumaracaritaf"; Damodaragupta (No. 611) (out of 22 verses 18 were identified in the Kuttanimata); Devabodhi (No. 644) (out of 3 verses 2 were identified in the Satyavrata Rukmari- galana[aka); Narayanabhatta I(No. 748) (out of 35 verses 23 were identified in the Venisarnhara): Bilhana I (No. 914) (out of 150 verses 67 were identified in the Vikramankadevacarita; 7 in the Bilhanakavya [=Caur] and 1 in the Karnasundannatika); Bhattasvamin (No.

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