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By Mike Carlton; Richard Walker; Mark Hamlyn; Gail Jarvis; Jacomiene Betlem; All authors

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Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 61

This most modern quantity of Dumbarton Oaks Papers focuses partially on literary and historic texts: historicism in Byzantine proposal and literature; the Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa, encompassing the 1st campaign and the Armenian diaspora; and a reappraisal of the satirical prose paintings Mazaris’s trip to Hades.

Alice Guy Blaché : lost visionary of the cinema

Alice man BlachT (1873-1968), the world's first girl filmmaker, used to be one of many key figures within the improvement of narrative movie. From 1896 to 1920 she directed four hundred motion pictures (including over a hundred synchronized sound films), produced hundreds of thousands extra, and used to be the first—and to date the only—woman to possess and run her personal studio plant (The Solax Studio in castle Lee, NJ, 1910-1914).

Method in madness : control mechanisms in the French fantastic

Procedure in insanity seems on the ways that nineteenth-century French literature of the wonderful mirrored what psychoanalysis may later outline as mechanisms of defence. every one bankruptcy of the booklet is devoted to a specific mechanism – fetishization, projection, intellectualization, mechanization, and compulsion – and to a consultant set of texts which illustrate and embrace the method involved.

The leisure society

This anatomy of the character of relaxation at the present time examines how the relaxation society advanced as staff turned liberated from the rigours of commercial manufacture, yet the way it, while, imposes rigours of its personal on those that provider it - the croupiers, the waiters, the nannies. The author's concentration is at the human measurement, describing how the hunt for relaxation impacts either those that search it and people who offer it.

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9 Unlike France, the Federal Republic of Germany did not play a prominent or of‹cial role in this con›ict. 10 Scholarly debates were still in›uenced by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer’s concept of the “culture industry,” but they rarely had access to the real workings of this industry, in which records, books, ‹lms, radio, television, the press, photography, reproduction of art and advertising, audiovisual products, and services were all competing with one another and were determined by international trends.

For one thing, it clings to an outdated notion of national self-control or even nationhood, in this case of a Germanness that is in danger of being diluted or polluted. Moreover, it appears hopelessly outdated at a time when national ownership of media or other cultural resources can no longer be neatly distinguished. ) In view of the fact that national boundaries can and should no longer be neatly maintained, my argument so far has been to take the melodrama out of the Americanization debate by identifying the emer- 30 German Pop Culture gence and worldwide triumph of American popular culture as the enactment of a cultural logic of modernity, although an unexpected, largely unacknowledged, and perhaps not altogether welcome part.

They claimed that the state or the media in these countries were practicing a form of antidemocratic control. The great signi‹cance of these critiques of cultural or communications policy in the United States was revealed by the reaction of the American government in 1984 to UNESCO’s refusal to comply with American demands. The United States promptly left the most important international cultural agency. The French government organized an international effort against American cultural imperialism6 in France mainly over the question of economic control over ‹lm and television.

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