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Whereas many reviews on Isaiah have an interest within the formation of the booklet, rather few have addressed the advance of the oracles bearing on overseas international locations. Like many different prophetic books, the ebook of Isaiah incorporates a component of overseas countries oracles (Isaiah 13-23), yet inside of this assortment is a smaller grouping of literary fabric that bargains with the international locations of Cush (Ethiopia) and Egypt (Isaiah 18-20). This ebook considers the formation of this smaller team approximately Cush and Egypt in the literary context of the expansion of the bigger assortment and the advance of those person chapters. This ebook additionally contributes a clean method of the formation of overseas international locations oracles in Isa 13-23

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As we have observed, the ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬titles have been frequently employed as the basis for distinguishing between stages in the formation of 13–23. Despite such attempts, other characteristics of the textual material are not so easily divided along the same lines. e. as well as later periods. In addition, the grouping of Cush and Egypt material in Isa 18–20 witnesses to thematic ties that transcend attempts at division according to oracular titles. Furthermore, the scholarly divide concerning the priority of either ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬or non-‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬texts suggests that this criterion cannot sustain arguments in either direction.

33 Sweeney, Isaiah 1–39, 212. This position is adopted by Brevard S. Childs, Isaiah (OTL; Louisville; Westminster John Knox, 2001), 114. 34 According to Weis’s analysis of the genre, a ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬oracle should include, among other things, an explanation of Yhwh’s direct involvement in human affairs. 35 However, it should be noted that 17:13 supplies a description of Yhwh rebuking the roaring nations, so that 18:3–6 need not be included with 17:1–14 as part of the same literary unit on this basis.

1–39,” AcOr 11 (1932): 276–8; Joachim Becker, Isaias: Der Prophet und sein Buch (SBS 30; Stuttgart: Katholisches Bibelwerk, 1968), 63–6. 48 Despite the appearance of both ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬and non-‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬material in this group, Duhm detects thematic homogeneity among them, and asserts that concern for the land of Philistia in the first and last units (14:28– 32; 20:1–6) provides an appropriate enclosure for the collection. This initial group of oracles (Isa 14:28–20:6) was later supplemented with a separate collection of five shorter ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬oracles.

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