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By Cary Nelson

Recognize what academic freedom is? Or what it truly is come to intend? what is affirmative approximately affirmative motion nowadays? imagine you are up at the challenge of sexual harassment on campus? Or understand how a lot the collage relies on part-time faculty?

Academic Keywords is a witty, expert, and occasionally cruel evaluation of contemporary campus, an more and more corporatized establishment that can have bitten off greater than its management is able to bite. Cary Nelson and Steve Watt use the layout of a dictionary to give tales and reflections on one of the most urgent matters affecting larger schooling in the USA. From the haphazard remedy of graduate scholars to the use and abuse of college (as good as abuses commited by means of faculty), Nelson and Watt current a compelling and, now and then, enraging file at the kingdom of the campus

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It’s a bit like hearing reason extolled on an Alzheimer’s ward. Well, we too are admirers of reason, even passionately deployed reason, 32 Academic Freedom but this isn’t it. Apparently this sort of jeremiad makes the NAS feel good, but one too many stiff drinks of this sort and your brain doesn’t function very well anymore. One may only pray that Smith is not the designated driver for the Academic Questions editorial board. It may be that the only place “tommy-rot” really exists is in Toontown State University, the cartoon institution of higher education NAS members have established rhetorically so they can bewail its excesses, though Dinesh D’Souza and Charles Sykes believe they have found it at Dartmouth, Duke, and Michigan.

Better to pay them without too much questioning. : The Athletic Department vs The University (1990), however, in part an investigation of the various money trails on campus— where the dollars come from and where they go—Murray Sperber paints a different, at times disturbing, picture of the financial goings-on at some colleges and universities. Now a decade old, his data may even have been superseded by more recent, more shocking figures about major athletic coaches’ salaries, the wealth of athletic associations, and the ways money from general campus funds gets siphoned off by athletic departments.

Here are a number of the major ways; some of them are discussed in this entry, others elsewhere in the book: 1. By the ongoing shift from full-time tenure-track to part-time faculty 2. By attempts to decouple academic freedom from tenure 3. By attempts to redefine and restrict academic freedom conceptually 4. By politically motivated attacks on how faculty members use their academic freedom 5. By efforts to limit and narrow academic freedom contractually and legally 6. By the resurgence of restrictions on academic freedom at religious institutions 7.

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