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By Herbert Dawid

This ebook considers the educational habit of Genetic Algorithms in fiscal structures with mutual interplay, like markets. Such structures are characterised via a nation based health functionality and for the 1st time mathematical effects characterizing the longer term final result of genetic studying in such platforms are supplied. a number of insights about the influence of using varied genetic operators, coding mechanisms and parameter constellations are won. The usefulness of the derived effects is illustrated by means of quite a few simulations in evolutionary video games and fiscal versions.

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The most widely used non-standard operators are probably inversion and reordering operators, which will however not be described here. We refer to Holland [60], Goldberg [50] or Goldberg and Bridges [52] for a detailed discussion of these operators. In our analytical results only the standard operators are used, while in the simulations in chapter 6 we also use one non-standard operator, which has already been introduced by Arifovic [6] and applied by her to economic systems. It is called election operator and may be described as follows: After crossover and mutation have been applied to the mating pool, for each pair of offspring the fitness in the current environment is calculated.

If however both like to witness against each other, both have already admitted the crime and therefore both will be sentenced to a jail term, that is longer than the one for the minor crime. The story is a little far fetched, but there are many situations in economics that can be modeled in a similar way (think for example of a duopoly). It is obvious from the payoff matrix that D strongly dominates C, which implies that (D,D) is the only Nash equilibrium of the game. On the other hand, (D,D) yields for both players a lower payoff than the state of cooperation (C,C).

The explicit representation of every individual enables the researcher running the simulation also to gain a deeper insight into the building of order in the randomly initialized population. Modern computer technology enables us to watch the evolving population like a fast movie of the evolution, and we may therefore observe in great detail the learning behavior of the population. 5 Potentiality and Problems of CI Techniques in Economics 35 A good example are simulations where cellular automata are used and where due, in particular, to the implemented topological structure ofthe population it is especially interesting to watch the evolving population.

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