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By Lisa Bucki

A veteran machine ebook author-trainer courses beginners on operating with photo documents, corresponding to these created via a digicam, in Photoshop. She offers a journey of the software's paintings zone, job shortcuts, a thesaurus, information on Photoshop personal tastes and settings, Macintosh model command equivalents, and on-line assets.

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Click on a context menu command. The results will vary depending on the nature of the command: • If the command name has a triangle beside it, a submenu will appear. You can then click on a command in the submenu. • If the command name has an ellipsis (…) beside it, a dialog box will appear; you can then make your choices from the dialog box. • If the command has no trailing element, Photoshop will execute the command immediately. CHAPTER 1: TOURING THE WORK AREA Hiding and Showing Screen Elements AM FL Y The toolbox and the palettes consume quite a bit of the Photoshop work area.

Click on OK. The New dialog box will close, and the new image file will open onscreen. CAUTION If you choose a white background for a new image and the background appears yellow onscreen (or white areas in other images appear yellow), you can easily fix the problem, which occurs on systems using certain 3Daccelerated video cards. In Windows XP, click on Start, then click Control Panel. In the See Also list at the left, click Other Control Panel Options. Click the Adobe Gamma icon, then follow the instructions that appear to create a new ICC color profile for your monitor, which should solve the problem.

Click on Save. The Save As dialog box will open. SAVING TO ANOTHER FORMAT 43 3. Navigate to the file location where you want to save the file. The files in that folder will be displayed in the file list. ) 4. Double-click on the File name text box entry, then type a new name for the file. 5. Click on Save. The Save As dialog box will close. Photoshop saves the file and leaves it open onscreen for further work. NOTE If you make changes to the file, be sure to click on File and then click on Save or press Ctrl+S to save your changes.

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