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1. s. fluctuating velocities in the streamwise and transverse directions are presented and compared with the same quantities of the liquid phase in the unladen reference flow. Figure 6 shows mean streamwise velocity profiles of both particles. 1 χ 10" for 500 μπι are reported. Particle velocities exceed water velocities, so that slip velocities are substantial in overall region. The particle fluctuation intensities are exhibited in figure 7(a) for the streamwise component and in figure 1(b) for the normal component.

W. Reeks 1 Flows 2 1: Department of Mathematics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Gl 1XH, SCOTLAND 2: Nuclear Electric, Berkeley Technology Center, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13 9BP, UK A set of continuum equations modelling the dispersed particle phase will be derived. This set repre­ sents conservation of mass, momentum and energy within a fixed elemental volume. These are obtained from a transport equation for a probability density function describing the average particle behaviour. 1 INTRODUCTION Dispersed particle flows in the form of solid parti­ cles, droplets or bubble suspensions are common to many industrial and natural processes.

In Pro­ ceedings of the Symposium on Turbulence, Fluids and Plasmas, Microwave Research Institute Symposia Series 18, pages 17-28, Brooklyn, New York, 1968. Polytechnic. B. Pope. PDF methods for turbulent reac­ tive flows. Progress in Energy and Combus­ tion Science, 11:119-192, 1985. W. Reeks. Eulerian direct interaction ap­ plied to the statistical motion of particles in a turbulent fluid. Journal of Fluid Mechan­ ics, 97:569-590, 1980. W. Reeks. The transport of discrete par­ ticles in inhomogeneous turbulence.

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