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58. BUYING A GUITAR You are budgeting money to buy a guitar that costs $150 including tax. If you save $20 per month, will you have enough money in 6 months? Use the inequality 20n ≥ 150 to model the situation, where n represents the number of months. Science 59. Mach number is the maximum speed at which a plane can fly divided by the speed of sound. Copy and complete the table. Use the v 660 equation m ϭ ᎏᎏ, where m is the Mach number and v is the speed (in miles per hour) of the aircraft, to find the Mach number for each type of aircraft.

Write out the factors. ϭ2p2p2p2 Multiply the factors. ϭ 16 ANSWER ᮣ The value of the power is 16. Parentheses ( ) and brackets [ ] are grouping symbols. They tell you the order in which to do the operations. You must do the operations within the innermost set of grouping symbols first: GROUPING SYMBOLS First multiply. Then add. First add. Then multiply. (3 p 4) ϩ 7 ϭ 12 ϩ 7 ϭ 19 3 p (4 ϩ 7) ϭ 3 p 11 ϭ 33 You will learn more about the order of operations in the next lesson. EXAMPLE 3 Evaluate Exponential Expressions Evaluate the variable expression when a ϭ 1 and b ϭ 2.

Skill Check Match the power with the words that describe it. 5. 37 A. four to the sixth power 6. 73 B. three to the seventh power 7. 46 C. seven to the third power 4 8. 6 D. six to the fourth power Evaluate the variable expression when t ‫ ؍‬3. 9. t 2 10. 1 ϩ t 3 11. 4t 2 12. (4t)2 Practice and Applications WRITING POWERS Write the expression in exponential form. 13. two cubed 14. p squared 15. nine to the fifth power 16. b to the eighth power 19. 17. 3 p 3 p 3 p 3 18. 4x p 4x p 4x A square painting measures 5 feet by 5 feet.

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