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By Glen Cook, Stephen Hoye, Audible Studios

At empire's finish battle isn't really all hell. Mocker unearths previous buddies within the halls of dying, and Nepanthe, new enthusiasts within the fields of blood and bone. The war-child wields the sword of fact: the celebrity Rider's dread secret's eventually published. And so it ends. even though "end" is yet a wizard-word for brand new beginnings.

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Is truth, absolute. Am same. Have wounds to prove same. Scars. " She laughed. And thought, I'll give Bragi a hug that'll break his ribs. It seemed ages since they had been this happy, an eon since laughter had tickled her tonsils and burst past her lips against any ability to control. Fate hadn't been kind to them. Nothing Mocker triedworked. Or, if it did, he would suffer paroxysms of optimism, begin gambling, sure he'd make a killing, and would lose everything. Yet they had their love. They never lost that, even when luck turned its worst.

They would have a very special, very painful welcome for him at Al Rhemish. But Fate was to deprive him of his visit to the Most Holy Mrazkim Shrines. They were somehwere in the Uhlmansiek Kapenrungs when it happened. They rounded a bend. Two horsemen blocked their path. One was Guild Colonel Balfour, the second an equally hard and scarred Mercenary battalion chieftain. Mocker remembered both from the Victory Day celebration. " he cried, for, if Sir Keren had made any mistake at all, it had been leaving him ungagged.

That name was a mystery of the Circle of which Chin was junior member. Ehelebe. The Hidden Kingdom. The Power behind all Powers. Already the Pracchia secretly ruled a tenth of the world. Someday, once the might of Shinsan became its tool, Ehelebe would control the entire world. " Chin kept his eyes downcast, though the ruby eyepieces of his mask concealed them. Like the Bear, he had his reservations and ambitions. He hoped he hid them better than did Ko Feng. " The bent old man returned to his hiding place wearing an amused smile.

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