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By Philip Katcher

The conflict among the States' is the time period used for the yankee Civil battle all through a lot of the South even at the present time. Many on either side – not only the South – felt that they have been serving their states as a lot, if no more, than their principal governments. a number of the states agreed; the kingdom governments elevating their very own devices, commissioning their officials, and delivering their males. certainly, some of the devices that fought the Civil conflict have been provided largely through their very own states instead of through the important government's quartermasters. Philip Katcher's interesting textual content explores the uniforms of 32 states; from Alabama to Wisconsin.

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RVhen the fighting in southenl France came to an end the Connaught Rangcrs were ordered to embark for America where a war was still bcing \\'dged. The 1st Bn of the 88lh Regillle11l of FOOL had served Wellington in Ponugal, Spain and Francc forjust Q\'er five years, most of the Lime in lhe 3rd 'Fighting Oi\;s;on'; the 2nd Bn had served in Portugal and Spain for two years. The records show that in that Lime 36 officers of the baualion lost thcir lives - no record exists of the exact number of rankand-file of the Connaughl Rangers who fell.

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