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By Iris Murdoch

 A robust novel of a family’s look for love amid the wreckage of failed relationships An Unofficial Rose is a narrative of a father and son, either disappointed with their lives, and either in love with a person except their other halves. whereas the daddy, a widower, regrets by no means leaving his spouse for his mistress, the son seeks any chance to flee his boring marriage. Written with Murdoch’s masterful mixture of comedy and tragedy, An Unofficial Rose is a compelling tale of affection, remorse, and the complexity of human relationships.


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In Villette, Bront¨e depicts varying degrees of feminine abnegation by using images of starvation and the renunciation of appetite. Though she portrays the suffering of denied appetite in Lucy Snowe’s depression and mental breakdown, Bront¨e also consistently links fat to promiscuous sexuality, stupidity, and the lower classes, finally validating hunger over gluttony. Bront¨e’s novels, rather than the radical texts of protest that some critics consider them, are complicated and ambiguous novels that express the anorexic logic of Bront¨e’s culture at the same time as they depict the suffering of the hungry woman.

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