Services include Nutritional Counseling, Ayurveda and Self Care education, Integrative Bodywork and Energy Medicine.


Nutritional Counseling and Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

This includes whole food nutrition and preparation, key supplementation, herbs and spices, aromatherapy and custom oil blending, and cleansing, weight loss, and rejuvenation programs.


Self Care Education

This supports you in developing a self care practice, with nourishing rituals and a home routine that works for you.  Drawing from the traditions of Ayurveda, these time-tested methods are of great value and relevance today for maintaining or restoring balance to your health and well-being.



To everything there is a Season… Ayurveda is informed by the wisdom and cycles of nature, the elements, seasons and planetary movements. We are made up of the elements also. Simply put, everything in nature can be described as being hot or cold, wet or dry, or a combination thereof. When any of these qualities becomes excessive, deficient or displaced, imbalance results and health is compromised. When we live in rhythm and resonance with Natures Laws, we align with a deep support that optimizes our energy, immunity, and even our natural state of happiness.


Integrative Bodywork

As an Integrative or Somatic bodywork (body-mind) practitioner, Dhyana customizes your hands-on treatment according to your needs. The following Ayurvedic techniques may be used: Abhyanga/massage with the application of nourishing organic oils and aromatherapy, acupressure and Marma point therapy, hot stones and heat application, Netra Basti (eye therapy with ghee), lymphatic rejuvenation therapy with self care education in the art of Guasha therapy. A specialized treatment of Shirodhara, (sustained warm oil pour on 3rd eye) may be used for situations of high stress or Vata imbalance, or when increased clarity and peace of mind is desired.

Cranial Sacral therapy and Core Syncronism provides gentle unwinding and release of tension, inflammatory discomfort and holding patterns in the body, resulting in pain relief and deepened state of relaxation and balance.  Quantum Touch is an energy medicine which rapidly aligns your energetic and emotional body and beliefs with your potential for wholeness and healing.


Certified Practitioner of Core Syncronism

This is an advanced form of Cranial Osteopathy, developed by Robert Sevens of the New Mexico School of Natural Healing. This method  arising from an  integration of Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and beyond. This work is nothing short of remarkable, creating a short cut to your deep relaxation during a session. Benefits include pain relief and a gentle unwinding of tension/holding patterns throughout the tissue layers, and restoring comfort within your own skin.   Dhyana practiced cranial-sacral therapy for 15 years prior to discovering and training in Core Synchronism.


Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a vital component of all healing modalities that bring true results. Aspects of expertise in energy medicine include:


Spiritual Phyto-Essencing

Creating custom essential oil Blends for Soul Level Healing. This transformational, in depth process is informed by the 6 element theory, TCM, homeopathy, aromatherapy and gemstone therapy, field botany and herbology, anthroposophical medicine and the Kaballah. This approach, developed by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, N.D. is related to the process of the constitutional remedy in the homeopathic sense, based on archetypes, however, essential oils and flower essences are used. A potentized dilution of the custom blend is also prepared for the client, with the potential for deep transformation and profound healing results.

Dhyana is currently in 3rd year of training in this powerful approach to lasting healing and transformation.


Somatic Movement Therapies

This includes the Dance of Shiva, and Medical Gigong. 6 Healing Sounds, Nada Yoga.   Dhyana is currently (2013) engaged in a Teacher’s Training program in Medical Qigong through the Qigong & Daoist Training Center, American Dragon Gate Lineage.



Prior areas of training / practical clinical experience includes:

  • Reiki Mastery
  • Alchemcal Hypnotherapy Certification
  • Sound and light therapies –  Colorpuncture Certification
  • Japanese far-infrared Onnetsuki,
  • Resonant Tuning forks and sound healing certification,
  • Soul song channeling, Shamanic Practices for energy clearing.
  • Experience with sales and education of wellness products, including EMF protection, FIR Sauna’s, Ionizing, alkaline water filters.